Warning spammers sending Banking update Emails

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I just received an Email from what looks to be my bank saying I have to update my online banking information because of a security issue they had. It has a link in the email for me to click on. The way the letter is written I can tell the writer is not familiar with the english language, lots of mistakes. I recieved one like this a few months ago .
So folks be careful and don't respond to any emails from your bank, if the letter supplies a phone number to call them don't call that number, call your bank on a number that the bank supplied to you. It is terrible that you have to be on your toes all the time .
I am going to forward the emial to the fraud department of my bank.


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I just got an e-mail from a trusted friend also about an old scam that is resurfacing. It is the one about "incentive checks" from the government. According to that, you also have to supply sensitive information. Swindy's advice previously is valid for this type of scam also.


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I think I got the same bank spam couple of days ago with the poor grammar. Spammers are alive and well, if you know what I mean. There has got to be a better way for them to make an honest living instead of preying on people.
They think they are to smart to make an honest living, they think they figured out how to make a good living without working.


Great Warning Swindy!

SCAMMERS...ie.. Thieves will always be amidst us.

I have one for you .A recording call stating there are issues with citi bank credit card to call a certain number and punch in a certain code.*lol I use different variation for my name and hubby's and know which card is listed under which card and name.

Another one..

I won a sweepstake *LOL


They have made it so that the call seems to be coming from your area code.Although I checked the 313 area code that one call came in from and it was located in Southfield which is not a 313 area code it is a 248 area code.turns out they are able root the call to make it seem like it is coming from your area code

Hope this saves you $$$ I have 4 calls in no time I notified Sprint.Sprint is the only one that I use that certain name.

Got a recorded call 800 168 4861 the warranty is about to expire on my car to call a certain number and ...I hung up .My car is over 20 years old and I have never had a warranted car*LOL Hubby thought it was funny..

A sad thing about the credit cards (WaMu -Chase) is they are changing the interest rate (can be 8% higher then the original agreement!) that you agreed with no fault (non payment or late or no payment) on the card owners part. They claim it is just how it is if you want to opt out send them a hand written letter and they will close the card and you will then have to pay in full! Now is that A GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Humm...may be time to rotate funds....:eek::eek:

Also did you know that you do not have to sign if you use your bank card unless it is over 25dollars? I was bothered by the 5dollars no signature, I went to the hardware store and spend just under 25$ and waited to sign.
No signature needed..WHAT!???
I guess you cant use your bank/check card anymore.Oh well..this money thing is getting out of hand.

I got a call one day from Citi stating they wanted to know if I used my card that there was a few suspicious activities going on.I spend under 30 dollars.
I hung up and called the number on the card....it was a scam but they did know what I did ! Someone is watching citi or swipes in general.
I don't really swipe my cards anymore,unless the cars needs fixing.
This is terrible.
I felt uneasy about swiping from the beginning. I don't even like to use checks.I paid everything with MO or cash until 05...I think my time playing with cards is over.

Have a great day and don't forget to shred all incoming mail! Call me nuts but Id rather be on a safer side then sorry.Just a precaution.

Dale they are reaching their goal or they wouldn't do it any more !BTW...
For the record Gold is at a low not the highest that commercial is full of stinkies!



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I figure if it sounds too good to be true it is. I never look or answer email unless it is from someone I know. that ends the reading of the too good to be true messages. I got a virus by opening email a few years ago. I am very careful about what I open now.
yeah I got an email from a friend about the new stemulis payments or something today.


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Miss Kale, I shred our papers here and then take them out and bury them in the manure pile. They wind up in the garden that way. LOL


*LOL Randy!
I was donating them to the pet stores they use them for bedding for the kittens and puppies,now I just shred and then add my used kitty litter and pooper scooper doggie dropping to the bag *lol!!!!!
My view is if they want to go through all that poo then they deserve to get my address! *LOL even thought that is where they found the bag to begin with. I have seen a passerby go to open the bag and was surprised! I laughed until it hurt the expression on his face when the stink of cat and dog puffed out on him was a special moment!*LOL Hummm... shouldn't be diggin in garbage bags!*LOL They already know I never throw any useful stuff out *LOL

Banks will not send you an unsolicited e-mail like that asking you to update your information. Most of the time, if that is necessary, they will contact you by snail mail and ask you to come in and update the information in person.

Anyone who gets an e-mail like that should notify their bank, never provide any of the information they ask for, and hang on to the e-mail. Your state attorney general may be interested in pursuing criminal charges. Because this fraud was sent over the Internet, it's also possible that the FCC would want to pursue criminal charges. If the person doing this is not in the United States, the federal government is in the best position to deal with it and hopefully put an end to this sort of spamming. This is VERY DANGEROUS.

Never give out your credit card information either.
Plantlover I do online banking so I do get email notices from my bank and this one had the same letter heading as my bank and looked very good . The last time I received a notice from a spammer using my bank it was to inform me that there was unusual activity on my account and gave me a phone number to contact them to clear it up. Needless to say I was a wreck, as I live pretty close to the bone and didn't know how much would be missing from my account. I took the email into my bank and they told me that this is an ongoing problem with the spammers using their letter head. The bank also told me there was nothing wrong with my account. Thank God I had the sense not to call the number but if some one receives that type of a notice and panics they will call and most likely give all their information out to God knows who. This was the reason I resisted doing business online for so long.


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I received the renew the warranty thing on my car too......hung up and reported them to consumer fraud......another one is a stimulus check.....dont cash it if you get one!!!!! another hoax.....you really have to be on your toes.....
so have we Randy... of course they never specify which car's warrenty is about to expire.

On another line, last night I recieved a pre-recorded message on the phone that my credit card company has been desperately trying to get a hold of me before the deadline to lower my interest rate.... "If you want to lower your rate press 1, if you want to leave your rate the same press two"..... righto lady.... They really try to play on our own inherent greed..... come on do they think I am a idiot? How about you? Do they think you are an idiot? You can bet they are banking that some of us are.


:D:D *LOL they must be getting a few along the way...:mad::mad: I feel for those that fall for it.

They were calling my mom and Aunt about the car they don't even know how to drive, never mind own a car*LOL:eek::eek:



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Don't any of you guys get the good stuff?

I'll have you know that I've won the Swiss Lottery and I have $8 million waiting for me in Nigeria. Three times... This morning alone...

With all the money I've been promised, I'll be richer than Bill Gates soon!


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I rarely get any telemarketer calls any more. I used to have great fun with them, my wife enjoyed listening to me...

We sell aluminum siding - I live in a brick house

You may have won a new Jaguar - Oh, I wouldn't want one, I'm allergic to cats...

We want to upgrade your windows - (I loved this one) Great, I've been meaning to do that... Should I upgrade to Windows NT or Windows XP. What about the server version? Can you also upgrade my network?

I had one poor lady so confused on that one she didn't know what to do... She finally said "Are you talking about computers?" "Why yes, aren't you? You said you'd upgrade my Windows!" "Are you messing with me!?!?" "Why no, of course not ;) "


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Those are funny. I heard a guy on the morning radio show here locally that had turned talking to telemarketers into a science like that, Bob. They callers depend on quick calling and when you tie them up like that, they won't get as many calls made.


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On a much more serious note, be very wary of charity fundraisers...

Here in Washington State, we've got a charity website you can research them on. They're also required, by law, to give you the information if you request it.


So, here's one of my (least favorite) charities, they call often:


This fundraiser only gives 15% of what they raise to the charity! So, let's say they call up for the "Washington State Firefighters Association" (Sounds great, eh?) and you give them $100.

Here's how it works.

You donate $100
(dis) Courtesy Call Inc keeps $85 and sends $15 to the charity, pretty bad, right?

But wait, there's more!

Washington State Fire Fighters Association, Inc. only gives 19% of what it gets to program services.

So, they get the measly $15 from the fundraiser, and keep 81% of that. The program services, i.e. the firefighters you hoped to help, get $2.85 of the original $100.

Yep, that's right, in this case, for every $1 you donate, less than 3 cents actually makes it to the cause you hope to support. Personally, I think that should be illegal. I know it's immoral and a real rip-off.

So be aware, and research these S.O.B.s

They're not all crooks, BTW,

Seattle YMCA - 88% of funds go to program services
SW WA Red Cross - 74%

However, even with name brand organizations, you need to be careful.

Big brothers donates 91% to program services - awesome!
Puget Sound Chapter Big Brothers? 20% - awful!
Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Puget Sound Donation Center - 0% - Yep, none! Good job guys! NOT!


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I do all my banking online and pay my bills on line and I never get emails from my bank unless I originated the email by updating or changing something. Notices that I have set up for bill paying, etc come from the bank but nothing else.
I used to tell the telemarkers, can you hold for a sec and I would put the phone down and continue what I was doing before the call came in. They would hang up.
I signed up for the do not call list when it came out and it stopped the calls on the home phone when I had one
Did it on the cell too and I don't get any.
I would be rich too Bob if I won all the money that I get emails saying I did. I get the Nigeria ones all the time

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