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I don't do live! But tim loves it so when he wants it we go to a local home cooking place and I get something I want and he gets his liver. When my Mom was alive she would make it for him and her and fix me a steak!

how to you post pictures as I have lots to share just can,t figure it out I am sure it is easy. once I learn. Could please teach me thanks alot I think I figured it out this is my dog Homer.



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I don't have a dog of my own, but I am not deprived. My daughter has a yellow Lab and my granddaughter has a Lab/Shepherd mix. Both are very affectionate. We all live in the same house.


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Hey Rosy!
Looks like you figured out how to post photos!
I have Hedy, she's a Bish/Poodle/Shitz cross!
Had to put Beni down last fall due to old age! he was a Yorkie/Llasa cross and looked very much like your Homer!
Rosy, did you figure it out? You have to go to 'advanced' (not quick reply) and then go to manage attachments towards the bottom. I know they have to be a certain size to post. I hope I've helped. Curbie :)

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