Welcome Mitransplant---ie Mari

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Hi Mitransplant!!!! For those of you who like me can't siphor that, it's Mari from Az. I realize now that stands for Michigan transplant.

Mari welcome my dear friend!!! Enjoyed our chat tonight.
Thank you for the warm welcomes!

Yep it's me Mari in sunny Glendale Arizona! Glad I've found some familiar gardening buddies! Just trying to enjoy our postcard weather until the blast furnace is turned on, the weather men have said 90 either today or tomarrow.
I have all my hanging pots planted up already and my two urns. Since I've not been in touch with a lot of you I've had my sister down for two whole weeks.
What a blast we had and she even went home with a tan even with the low 70 temps we had. So all you "East Coasters" ready for spring??


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Welcome and glad to see you here. I think I know the name from another site. Jump right in and make your self at home


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welcome to the group..............and the Catskills........we sure are awaiting spring....had a touch of whats to come the past few days......


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Whooo Hoooooo Mari!!!!
We may just get those chats going again!!!
We have a lot of garden buddies here that used to chat with us!
So Glad you are here!
I have not had much online time....but sooon!

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