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Hi again. :) I just saw your post. I haven't been online much this month since my little brother messed up my pc (for which he got grounded :D). I hope you're enjoying the forum and feel free to join in on the chat sessions too.


Hi all, I'm new in this forum and would like to learn and acquire more knowledge about gardening, composting and worm composting. I also concern about the environment and the necessity to waste less and use green products. I posted a thread but can't see them. Anyway I'm exited to be here.


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Hi Gil this is a good time to join because we are all thinking about planting since it is spring. Of course it may take a little while for an answer cause we are digging in the dirt.
Hi everyone! I just joined the forum today. I have a small backyard garden and I always seem to have questions as how to make my garden grow better. Currently I'm growing yellow squash, pumpkins, roma & grape tomatoes, watermelons, lettuce, garlic chive, green onions, mint and strawberries. And two experiments of a random cornstalk that mysteriously appeared and lemon trees that I started from leftover seeds.

I'm originally from Maine, currently living in Olympia, WA. My husband is in the army and we've been stationed here for almost two years. Before that we lived in South Korea for two years and loved it. :)
Hey my name is Derrick and i am also new to this forum.I hope i will enjoy my stay here and will find some useful information and solution of my problems and latest information too.Please welcome me here :p

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