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Leon C. Mays

Hi all,
The Forum is a great way to interact with other members on your Network. It is also a great place to discuss news, share experiences, and voice your opinions.
please welcome me i am new here!
leon C. Mays


Staff member
I've seen that message before, and his second message was even less applicable to the forum. Did a bit of searching and found out that Leon was from Pakistan. So he's no longer hanging around trying to spam the place.
Mornin'! Glad I found this forum! (Had trouble registering with the email addy I wanted to use, but I got in through FB, so it's all good.)
My main interest: Veggies.
What I especially like to grow: Hot chilis and greens.
What I'm growing this year: Lettuce (2 kinds), chard, arugula, mulakiah (if any comes up), red streak mizuno, tatsoi, Brunswick cabbage, golden purslane (again, if any comes up), red mustard, tomatoes--purple Cherokee and whatever my wife ends up choosing, sweet peppers--pimento and giant red Ozark, hot chilis--pepperoncini, Trinidad scorpion, bhut jolakia, Asian white radishes, rat-tail radishes.
I also have a small row of mammoth sunflowers that come up volunteer every year and serve as a handy screen for the eyes of nosey neighbors, but that's another story.
I learned my love for gardening from my folks--thanks Mom and Dad!


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Yes, it is becoming more difficult to register using particular IP addresses due to our anti spam program, we have been having serious intrusions from spammers from usually Asia! Just ignore them if see any, and I'll whack them!
Glad You finally got through!
Welcome to our forum Andy!


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Welcome to our forum Kolo!
Best thing to do is look through all the threads to get familiar with the topics.
Just use the Post Reply tab when done typing your message (as you already done)

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