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Welcome back! Thanks for returning. I've just made use of one of our fancy new features on your post. We now have a "like" button. :)

I've only wanted that feature for about 10 years now, LOL!


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BTW, this was originally posted in 2009, I think that was when we first moved over from the old Gardenforums site.

Pretty much everything that was said then still applies, though I guess the place isn't "new" any more (but the software is). So welcome, or welcome back, glad your hear, let's talk gardening!
I see we have a few new members that haven't posted yet. Please feel free to come in and introduce yourselves, tell us what you are growing or would like to grow.
Gardenforums is a friendly gardening site and we would love for you to jump in with any information, questions, or just to mingle a bit. Start anywhere, any thread, any forum and just enjoy.
We haven't been here long but we intend to make this a great forum site for all types of gardeners as well as a place to make lasting gardening friendships and maybe share some seeds, plants and bulbs of all sorts.
Dive in and dig..moderators are here to help if you have any problem getting around the site.
Come on in, sit a spell, and get to know us.

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Good afternoon, all!

I'm a raised-bed, novice gardener (this is year three for me) and I learn something new everyday. My mother worked at a florist when I was small and somehow, bits of trivial knowledge about plants and flowers worked itself into my brain by osmosis, lol. I didn't pay much attention over the years and didn't have a lot of interest but after my mom passed in 2013 I began to realize that it was something that I could do to honor her memory. I was surprised at how much I began to enjoy the learning process and the journey of watching the garden and plants flourish. I then moved on to vegetable gardening. Started with a 10 x 30 raised bed and now have two of those along with some straw bales and containers that I'm experimenting with.

At this point I'm in danger of loving them to death so I am trying to walk the line of just letting nature do it's thing or interfering with certain supplements and such. Right now it's all about the veggie garden. I purchased plants online this year (won't do it again) and all are struggling in my bed compared to the locally purchased transplants. Just trying to get a handle on those so I don't have to start over four weeks into the growing season.

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