What companies/catalogs have you bought plants/seeds from?

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I've been looking though some catalogs that I've received in the mail. Some have $25 off $50 so was wondering which ones you have bought from and would you buy from them again and if not why?
Would love to hear about everyones experiences with catalog and online purchases for plants, trees and seeds, etc.
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I bought from Burpee and Michigan bulb last year. Burpee's plants didn't impress me at all and the packaing is even worse. They don't give good refunds either. I got a box full of dirt with pieces of plants mixed in. I was able to save 6 of 24 plants and only got a 25% refund. Michigan bulb was a long wait for our plants but when htey came they were all dormant and bareroot. When 2 of 12 plants didn't turn green a simple email and I got the whole collection sent for no charge.This year the collection should look great. Oh how I hate waiting for plants to grow lol


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I have both from Michigan Bulb for the last two years and was satisfied with the plants I got. I've gotten some great Bulbs from Blooming Bulbs. I am going to place another order for some Roses from them soon with my coupon and looking to get some daylilies from Springhill Nursery. I haven't purchases anything from them before.
Brecks bulbs are great although I haven't had much luck with their perennials. I have good luck with Springhill plants.

Good to know about Blooming Bulbs as I've seen some great price with them.

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I also have bought from Michigan Bulb the past 2 years and have been happy with the plants. I had also bought a few plants from Brecks this past spring. They were a bit small for what I paid for them, but in good shape when they arrived. I bought seeds from Diane's Flower Seeds last year and was very happy with them. They germinated very well and she always sends free seeds with your order. Her prices are good, but not the cheapest. Diane's Flower Seeds


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He's a list of Canadian sources:
Veseys (www.veseys.com) a bit pricey but quality of the plants, bulbs and seeds is excellent
William Dam Seeds (www.damseeds.com) I ordered a selection of rare and unusual seeds from them first time this year.
Gardens North (www.gardensnorth.com) Ordered odd and unusal seeds.
Lindenburg Seed company (Not completely online yet, but you can order their catalog at http://www.lindenburgseeds.com/) Ordered from them last year...excelent bulbs as well as seed
This year I ordered from Gardens North, Parks, Pine Tree, Prarie Moon, Value Seeds, Swallowtail Garden Seeds. T"s Flowers, Dianes Flower seeds, HPS, Select and Specialty Perennials. The only one I did not have luck with was Specialty Perennials. I ordered on Jan. 10th and cancelled the order on Feb. 10th as I hadn't heard from them and for me it was getting too late to start the seeds that I ordered from them. Thank God I put it on my Chase Visa they took care of it for me so I didn't loose any money.

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Seed catalogs!!!!!!
I get every catalog in the free world. Not only do I get 1 from every company a lot of companies have have me by 2 or more names so I get as many as 3 from lots of companies.


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If you are placing an order click on the advertisng link above and go though this site to get to the company,(hopeully it's there) Bob makes a little if we order from the sponsors though this site. it helps Bob a little with the expenses of running this forum
They have a really good reputation and do ship world wide! http://www.richters.com/. It's been a few year since I ordered from them. I was impressed with the quality of there plants and seeds!
Ron, I wondered because they had the most incredible selection of herbs -- unusual and common, that I've ever seen. They had stuff that is generally extremely hard to find.

How do they do the monetary conversions though? I don't recall whether the prices they listed were USD or just Canadian.


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Ron, I wondered because they had the most incredible selection of herbs -- unusual and common, that I've ever seen. They had stuff that is generally extremely hard to find.

How do they do the monetary conversions though? I don't recall whether the prices they listed were USD or just Canadian.
If you are using a credit card, then the exchange will be done when they process your order. The exchange will show up on your monthly statement.
Hi Laurie,
I ordered Hostas for our new place from hostasdirect.com. They were prompt, everything arrived alive, and they have a great selection. The tissue culture stuff was pretty small, but I wasn't upset about that, they are very upfront in their website stating what you will get. I did get very nice divisions of "June", my favorite hosta of all time. I am a patient gardener and don't need instant gratification. I got great service from this company.
I have had past great luck with Stokes Seeds in the states. I always found their prices reasonable.
I got some seeds from Thompson and Morgan for S&H. Haven't started them yet though. I've ordered from Breck's before but wasn't thrilled. I LOVE Value seeds!!!

I am sooooo jealous of anyone who orders from Richter's! I've been drooling over the berrries and cream mint for YEARS. Just can't do the postage to California. Its killer.


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I will start some this coming weekend. I should go through my seeds tomorrow to see if I need to buy some more though. I know if I stop by the garden center, I will not get away without more seeds.

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