What is your Favorite Christmas Memory ?

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With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to hear what everyone's favorite Christmas memory is...

Do you have one ?


almost all of them

I can't remember a Christmas in particular. All of us 7 kids were always looking forward to a toy or two and believe me when I say most of those childhood Christmases were lean. We got one main toy, maybe a doll one year and a crib the next.from 'Santa', Mama always made a handmade 'extra' outfit if we got dollys, and daddy gave us a box of hankies or a pocket knife. We got something like ball and jacks or a jumprope with our precious stocking filled with an apple, orange, a handful of nuts and a candy cane. I was already 14 when there were only 2 kids at home and I finally got the bicycle I'd asked for, for years.

My favorite memories after I grew up was mama and daddy sitting in their chairs with gifts stacked around them and one by one they would reap the benefits from raising 7 kids and 23 grandchildren. Daddy would open the box really slow and then lift the gift out really slow and then make a silly remark to make the little ones laugh, like "I can't wear these silly paisly pants to work (pajamas)!!! Everyone will laugh at me!" and sure as shooten' one of the little grandkids would say "ohhhhhhh grandpa, those are jammies. Those were the good old days. Getting together with my family in praise has always been the most blessed of my memories,,,still is:eek:)

Marie K


As a child, only good memories were if I got to see any of my sibs.

As a young adult caring for my sister's 3 children and mine Yes.Every year we all made something for each other, we all made it from the heart and all were pleased with the sharing experience.
With my son before the children came, I have one we both will remember.
I was a single mom trying to make ends meet, My son had a wonderful desire to draw.
He was great at it. He needed a Silver hawk figure (doll) so he can draw it. And compare it to the rocky figures etc.
We put it on our prayer list for 4months( because he hadn't gotten it for his Aug bd.)

We were sitting in the train on Dec 1st 1986 (we were coming back from NYC Rockefeller Center lighting of the Christmas tree (He and I went for several years) He was answering every math question I gave him with no mistakes.I was proud of him he was just 5. Suddenly an elderly man came onto the train and stood there in front of him as he sat next to me. I praised him for all his great answers. The man looked down at him a few times and I looked as he smiled.
The man had a paper shopping bag from some store, in the bag he had something that shined and thrilled both my son and myself. He looked at the child and said son, you have done a terrific job, how old are you, he replied, I am 5 years old and I now go to kindergarten. The man then said "would like a toy, I have toys"?
They both looked at me and I said do you want to just give one to him (for nothing) or are you selling them?
He replied I think he did his math so well he can have one. He told my son to put his hand in the bag and grab the toy he wanted. My son saw the silver hawk guy and asked the man can I have this one?
The man replied, yes my son anyone you want. So, my son took the silver hawk we thanked the man he said Merry Christmas son, he then got off the train.
I told my son "that my child was the real Santa, someone that you never met gives you a useful free gift that you can use and wanted so bad.
Then I told him about the One who sent the man.
I think had that toy until he left home,every time we moved, he had that toy, until he moved out which is 9years today. He waited for my bd to pass, he was 18yrs
and 4 month old, when he went to look for fame and good name.

true as I recall.

Another one was, the same year, still no money for fun time gifts.
I went to the salvation army to see if I can volunteer in exchange of a gift, a basketball to be exact, my son was aching to play with one. They denied me and told me there wasn’t any work that I could do at that time. I went back (long walk!) to try to volunteer for a ball. I knew he really wanted one. I just knew he needed to have one.
Anyway, I stood there for a while and the Major finally came out and told me to come back next week she will have work for me to do, so I did .....
When I got there she had a shopping cart (not the ones that are used at the store today) and told me to go into the basement and take whatever I wanted! I got that basketball along with a winter coat hat gloves and some can goods for my son. She told me she would send me a post card if they needed me to volunteer.
I recall it was rather cold actually I nearly froze to death; the winds nearly ripped my skin off. I didn’t t wear a hat in those days because I didn’t want to ruin my hair*LOL
Humm now that I think of it… That is the same place that had a red box (another long story another time)



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Kale Santa wears many diffrent hats. I love hearing stories like that because I really do believe in Santa Clause.


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I guess it's the year I finally caught Santa. My Mom was THE Spirit of commercial Christmas. She made all that stuff seem real to me. She had "brownies" that she made, they were elfs that sat atop curtin rods or in a shadow box display, always just out of reach, but very well in sight. That was her way of keeping an eye on me when it got that time of year when kids get so antsy and can't be good. Those darn things really were real to me. She would move them all over the house and sometimes they would leave and then come back with candy or a list that had my name on it.
I had to be about 5 or 6 and she was tired of trying to keep me from "catching" the brownies. So she made a big red sack with a gold tie. She used felt to make black boot prints and lay them on her "always" clean floor. Then Christmas morning she got up early and laid out the foot prints, left the bag wedged in the front door all tipped over and spilling out ( even had gifts for the neighbor kids in it) and rang the sleigh bells. I came running out as did she with me only to find that and was so scared I never tried to catch the browines or Santa again.
Now question do you think it's cruel to do those kinds of things to kids? To me it made Christmas real and exciting. My Mom passed that same spirit on to my kids and so did I. We had a great time and now I am afraid that has died with my Mom. My grandkids are 1000's of miles from me and I can't be part of that spirit.
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