What is your favorite flower, plant or tree?

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My favorite plants are geraniums, Pentas and coneflowers. I love vitex trees because they attract bees, butterflies and birds. I also am partial to shrimp plants, turk’s cap, rainlilies.
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petunia is my favorite flower, jasmine is favorite vine, I like oak trees, st Augustine grass
anyone else have a favorite?


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I have unusual taste in plants I guess. My yard is a Northwest inspired mishmash of things. I already mentioned I like Shamrocks, as I'm Irish and they also resemble the local Sorrel. I also like ferns and moss, and have some ferns that get really big each year. I also enjoy bleeding hearts, especially when they're in bloom. So sort of a native plant theme I guess.
I love Jacob Kline Monarda, the flowers are just so distinctive and the leaves smell like Earl Grey tea. A favorite shrub is Golden Spirit smoke bush. It just glowed in my garden and the fall color was wonderful.

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