What's the gas prices in your area?

Discussion in 'Over the Garden Fence' started by Mainegal, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Mainegal

    Mainegal Super Moderator Staff Member

    Here it's $1.80 to $2.10 a gallon for regular, it matters which gas station you go to
  2. smiley_face2

    smiley_face2 Active Member

    up here we are still paying 90 cents per liter, which after converting to gallons, then the exchange rate to US works out to be nearly $4. per gallon. argh.... we have a lot more tax on our fuel than you guys do.
  3. Gardengoddess

    Gardengoddess New Member

    Last I saw it was 1.51 but the price has been changing so fast.

    Dora/Garden Goddess
  4. RonsGarden

    RonsGarden Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Dora, Janet!
    We are down to 77.9 cents for a litre of gas, down from a high of $1.65 per litre a few months ago:eek:!
    To figure the US gallon the ratio is 3.5 litres to a US gallon x's the currancy exchange rate which is hovering around $1.25 per one US dollar!:eek:
  5. Crabbergirl

    Crabbergirl Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yippy! We are all the way down to $1.73 this am!! Can you believe it. I never thought we would see these low prices again. I just hope the correction that lays in wait is not to bad.
  6. Maggie

    Maggie New Member

    We are at $1.53 as of today. I never believed we would see gas under $2.50 a gal. again. Do you think it will ever drop under $1.00 a gal.?
  7. lynpenny

    lynpenny Super Moderator Staff Member

    Here it is many prices. 1.82 down the street but I saw it at 1.54 on the other side of the city. can't go down too much for me.
  8. armymom05

    armymom05 New Member

    Here in Crofton, It's $1.67,, But in Hopkinsville Ky, If you pump your own.. It's $1.56.. Now going towards Ft. Campbell,, At the Pilot,, It's $1.46 .. So hope it stays low. Don't mind these prices..lol Linda
  9. chattycarnation

    chattycarnation New Member

    At noon today it was $1.65 a gallon . At 3 o'clock it had gone up to $1.89..
  10. Juditu

    Juditu New Member

    Gas prices in NC

    Here it ranges from $1.78 to $1.99 for unleaded regular, according to which brand you buy.
  11. woodstock

    woodstock Well-Known Member

    here it ranges from 2.07 to about 2.19....depending on the station....I never thought I would see these prices again.....
  12. Sproutling

    Sproutling Guest

    $1.65 in Wayne County MI.

  13. Hoeandhope

    Hoeandhope New Member

    From 1.67 to 1.75 here in Statesboro, GA.
  14. Mari-Jo

    Mari-Jo Guest

    Here in Ontario, Canada, its 72 cents a litre...............today.........lol
  15. Mainegal

    Mainegal Super Moderator Staff Member

    i saw $1.72 tonight
  16. swindy

    swindy Super Moderator

    I paid $1.65 Thanksgiving morning. I was on my way to Staten Island and had a little less then 1/2 a tank so I gave the guy a 20 only to get the tank filled for $13.50. It has been such a long time sence I have gotten change back at a gas station lol I sure hope it stays this low.
  17. Whit1

    Whit1 New Member

    On Thanksgiving Day in Sparta, MI which is about 100 miles south of us we paid $1.51 a gallon.
  18. lynpenny

    lynpenny Super Moderator Staff Member

    I saw it was $1.64 at Costco today. I like it going down. I filled my car this week for under $20. That is getting better. But then gas will never be $.29 it was when I got married. That was a couple of days ago,
  19. woodstock

    woodstock Well-Known Member

    I see many places have really dropped, but its about 2.05 here now....wish it would go under 2.00.......
  20. sassmuffin

    sassmuffin New Member

    1.75 here, but we also have one of the highest gas taxes.

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