What's the gas prices in your area?

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up here we are still paying 90 cents per liter, which after converting to gallons, then the exchange rate to US works out to be nearly $4. per gallon. argh.... we have a lot more tax on our fuel than you guys do.


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Hey Dora, Janet!
We are down to 77.9 cents for a litre of gas, down from a high of $1.65 per litre a few months ago:eek:!
To figure the US gallon the ratio is 3.5 litres to a US gallon x's the currancy exchange rate which is hovering around $1.25 per one US dollar!:eek:


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Yippy! We are all the way down to $1.73 this am!! Can you believe it. I never thought we would see these low prices again. I just hope the correction that lays in wait is not to bad.


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We are at $1.53 as of today. I never believed we would see gas under $2.50 a gal. again. Do you think it will ever drop under $1.00 a gal.?


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Here it is many prices. 1.82 down the street but I saw it at 1.54 on the other side of the city. can't go down too much for me.
Here in Crofton, It's $1.67,, But in Hopkinsville Ky, If you pump your own.. It's $1.56.. Now going towards Ft. Campbell,, At the Pilot,, It's $1.46 .. So hope it stays low. Don't mind these prices..lol Linda
I paid $1.65 Thanksgiving morning. I was on my way to Staten Island and had a little less then 1/2 a tank so I gave the guy a 20 only to get the tank filled for $13.50. It has been such a long time sence I have gotten change back at a gas station lol I sure hope it stays this low.


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I saw it was $1.64 at Costco today. I like it going down. I filled my car this week for under $20. That is getting better. But then gas will never be $.29 it was when I got married. That was a couple of days ago,

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