What's the weather in your area? 2018 Edition

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70 with mix of sun and clouds....light winds out of the SE....humidex 84!
79 this afternoon sunny mix....humidex 93...
75 this evening winds shift out of the NE...humidex 90...
70 overnight with fog developing....humidex 84

The humidity is awful and expected to continue until at least Tuesday or Weds...or later.
Expecting what's left of Florence to dump a lot of rain here by Tues/Weds.....could be later....will know more in a few days!
we had a little sunshine yesterday afternoon, but clouds rolled in again. this morning its cooler and a breeze, but the humidity just wont give up yet.
florence is a real monster, boy I fear for those people down there. I took a chance and called my friend libby last night and so far she is ok. but the lumberton river is expected to reach well over flooding stage this weekend. florence is blocked from here with the jet stream right now but Im hearing she will get here about tues. ugh more rain we do NOT need.


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Glad Libby is ok!!
They are expecting heavy rains all day today...!

70 with actual blue sunny skies with a few clouds....light winds out of the north..humidex 84.
77 this afternoon...light winds winds shifting out of the south...with more cloud then sun....humidex 93.
75 this evening ...light winds shift out of the east...humidex 90.
68 overnight...winds shift out of the NE...humidex 81 with fog developing!


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We probably will not get much of anything from Florence due to a ridge which will keep it south of the Great Lakes...
68 with hazy sunny skies, and ground fog...light winds out of the NE...humidex 81.
79 this afternoon....mainly sunny...winds shift out of the east...humidex 93.
75 for this evening...humidex 90.
72 overnight...wind shift out of the SE....humidex 84..

Good day for my monthly road trip!!


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72 with mix of sun and clouds...very hazy...winds light out of the south...humidex 86.
77 this afternoon....light winds out of the south...humidex 91.
75 this evening....humidex 90.
68 overnight....winds shift out of the NW....humidex 81...
we are getting rain from florence now. looks like about 2 to 3 inches by tomorrow evening. the humidity is way up. I would of thought the humidity would be dying down by this time in sept but its still very summer like here. humidity is about 86% we are staying around 85 for the next few days before a cool down. cannot believe the AC is on again. ugh


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Yeah! The humidity has been the main issue this year and it is still high even when the temps drop!!
Didn't get much sun yesterday with the wrap around cloud coverage from Florence...didn't get any rain as the system stayed well south of us...

68 and mostly sunny...light winds out of the west...humidex 81.
77 this afternoon...humidex 90...light winds out of the west.
73 this evening...humidex 84... winds shift out of the NW.
61 overnight....humidex 61...winds shift out of the north...
Cooler tomorrow with less humidity....

Calling for low to mid 60's for the weekend and drier!
pouring rain yesterday morning and super high humidity like a sauna yesterday, but canadian cool front came down last night (thank you ron) and we cooled off finally. should have sunshine today, more rain by fri then some fall like temps for us. guess its that time of the yr. Ill be glad to get rid of the blooming humidity for sure.


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You're welcome Woodie!
The cool front passed through late last evening with a rush of winds out of the north...had to close all the winds before bed! The front didn't do much about the humidity :(...it will stick around until Late Friday!
The next cool front will pass through on Friday....should have thunderstorms with the clash of temps.....then into the low 60's for the weekend! Might have to light the wall furnace again!!

63 this morning with mix of sun and clouds...light winds out of the north....humidity 81%.
72 this afternoon...mostly sunny ....humidex 77....winds shift a bit out of the NE.
68 this evening....humidex 73.
61 overnight....

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