What's the weather in your area? 2019 Edition

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days have been warmer but nights are still chilly, 37 this morning but going up to 60. lots of rain headed this way. will be 70's tomorrow but rain. guess I wont be cleaning up my garden this weekend with all the rain. but its better than snow!!! think we are done with that phase.


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Got just a trace of snow and rain yesterday and it was windy!! Glad that it's over with.....now for round 2...a nice warm up but with rain!

55 with a bit of sun...clouds are starting to build up and move in...light breeze out of the south...
63 this afternoon with thundershowers/storms....winds pick up 17 mph with higher gust expected...
50 this evening with showers...winds easing off a bit...windchill 45.
23 overnight....winds shift out of the SW 13 mph...windchill 36

43 and sunny by morning..54 for the high...then more rain Sun with a high of 39 ....and Mon 43...then another warm up...


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We got some rain from the last system yesterday...it kind of fizzled out due to the the cold lake temps...which is sitting around 33F. The lake effect did create some really dense fog during the afternoon!
Another system will move in early tomorrow morning.

45 with sunny skies...light winds out of the SW...windchill 43.
54 this afternoon...winds picking up 17 mph...out of the SW...
48 this evening.....winds easing off a bit ahead of a cold front...windchill 43.
37 overnight...winds shift out of the north...windchill 30.
36 by morning with winds out of the NE with rain settling in...could see an inch+ with strong winds ....windchill 27.


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The system from the south arrived this morning!
37 with rain...light winds out of the NE...windchill 30.
37 this afternoon with the heavier bulk of rain falling...winds 19 mph out of the NE....windchill 28.
39 this evening...winds easing up a bit ....heavy downpours and thunderstorms possible...windchill 30.
36 overnight...winds picking up out of the SW...with showers...windchill 23.
36 by morning...rain continues ...winds shift out of the west at 20 mph...

Expecting 1.5 to 2 inches of rain total... could get more with the thunderstorms....looks like the rains will continue all day tomorrow...high 46.


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Wild evening with thunderstorm cells passing through....even had some pink lightning. Had some heavy downpours. Think we got the 2 inches they were predicting and a bit more from these t-cells!

37 and it is still raining lightly...expected to move out later on this morning...light winds out of the SW...windchill 30.
45 this afternoon with some sun and lingering showers....winds picking up 21 mph,and shifting out of the NW....windchill 36.
41 this evening and clear....winds 17 mph out of the west.
Dropping to 28 overnight...winds 10 mph ....windchill 19 :(


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More rain on the way!

36 with no wind..cloudy with some sun...
43 this afternoon with rain and light winds out of the SW....windchill 37.
39 this evening...light winds shift out of the east..light rain....windchill 34.
36 overnight with fog....light winds out of the NE....windchill 28.

Looks like we will get various amounts of rain every day this week right up to Sunday! At least the temps are warming up and lows well above freezing! About time!


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Hope you have a wonderful Easter Weekend Woodie.....regardless of the weather that is coming! It won't be too bad...at least the temps will be warmer! btw- it usually rains for the Easter Weekend...more often than not! :)

45 and partly sunny....very light winds out of the NE...windchill 41.
57 this afternoon and mainly sunny..winds shift out of the east..at 13 mph...windchill 54.
52 this evening...with light rain..winds ease off a bit...windchill 48.
48 overnight...winds picking up to 19 mph...windchill 41.

50 by morning...63 for the high tomorrow!!!


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Something wicked this way comes! Expecting a 'Hefty' amount of rain form the system that is moving in from the south! Can expect thunderstorms and mild temps for the next 3 days!....Looks like inches of rain!
I'm in that 'wait and see' what happens mode! Warnings are expected to be issued at some point today!

54 with mostly cloudy skies..14 mph winds out of the south..windchill 50.
63 with showers....winds 16 mph...windchill 61.
55 this evening...showers...winds shift out of the SW at 11 mph.
48 overnight with rain....winds shift out of the south...7 mph...windchill 45.

Will be getting the bulk of the rain tomorrow...1 to 2 inches possible...more with thunderstorms....

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