Windows 8

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Does anyone else have Windows 8 and hate it? I'm thinking of having Windows 8 taken off my laptop and putting Windows 7 on it. Hoping it will work...


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Everybody hates Windows 8, lol. I saw a promo and it looked like something linux dreamed up... a nightmare. There's a way to reactivate the Start Button but the entire system just needs too many tweaks and perks. A dude I know (a hacker) got his working and was like all over it till he discovered how much it couldn't do. He replaced it with Windows 7, lol.
Unless Gates comes off with some awesome patches, 8 will never level up past retarded.
I think the best solution is to spam Microsoft with requests for patches... and a few constructive comments. You prolly should just re-install 7 till Microsoft drops some patches to fix all the problems. Good luck! :)


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I wondered why all the hype about W8?
They always come out with crap!
I love W7! It's stable and has very few problems!
Now IE9 is crap and I'm now using Chrome instead!
Why don't they fix what they aready have rather then dish out more crap!
Having been a PC tech for 12 years, W8 is the equivalent of Vista. I believe MS has come around and said they'll be making changes to it as of recent. I'm on 7 and have no plans of changing over to 8. The tiles interface is horrible for somebody like me, or anyone that multitasks to be honest. Stick with the "skip a version" approach and wait for the next incarnation of Windows. lol
I have windows 8 and I like it because there are many things which are different in windows 8 then windows 7. Everyone know that one day we have to move on some new windows then why not today we move on it.


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I was told at the electronics store that the main difference is in the ability to touch the screen and navigate that way. I may opt for that capability at a later date but I am pretty content with Windows 7 at the present time. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to