Wombat where are you????

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John I saw the reports of the terrible fires you are having in Australia. They are calling it a "Holocaust" and showed pictures taken from out of space, that is showing most of the southern part of the country in flames. I am hopping and praying that you are not living near this area and that you are safe. Please check in with us if you can. We need to know that you and your family are safe.
They are saying the worst fire storms are in Victoria, do any of our members know what part of Australia John is living in.


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He posted last night that the fires are south of him
here is his post

Unfortunately there's been a lot of out of control bushfires here to the south of me with tragically, a lot of fatalities reported.....late summer here can be very cruel at times.


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its all over the news around here.....and they are saying its arson.......I sure hope its not near john and his family..........lets keep him in our prayers that he is safe....


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another person I know from there said the same thing Bobbi...that they had one person under arrest....what ever is one thinking that could do this to so many people...so many people have lost their homes ...really just breaks your heart
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Hi everyone, I'm fine, just a bit tired, haven't been home much lately......plenty to do here as you've probably seen on the news....unfortunately my own state is now over 60% in flood.....it's amazing really, one part of the east coast is in flames, others are covered in flood water, it's a real stretch of resources, we haven't had a summer like this in many years...thank you all for your kind thoughts and wishes too:)


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oh John, so glad you checked in with us, we were all thinking of you.....didnt hear about the floods..........hope its not too bad where you are......so did you get flooded????? you and your family are in our prayers........


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Wow time goes so quickly these days.....no Bobbi no floods at my place, it's strange for me at the moment fires to the south, floods to the north....... Sass things here are just fine, but thank you very much for the kind offer of asistance.......I found a pic of some of the storms we've been experiencing lately, this one was racing in from the bay....



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Thank Ron I love it too! Lyn it wasn't taken by me but by a friend who was there at the time, just one of those great shots you take on the spur of the moment....

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