yard clean up with mulch

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I have two areas that pose problems for lawn and this weekend I did something about it. One area I have placed raised beds such that I can't get a lawn mower in there and the other is shaded all but 2 hours of the late afternoon. Oh and did I mention I HATE lawns?

Friday a local tree service delivered 6 cubic yards of mulch.

In the area of my raised beds I'll try out the Back to Eden style of veg gardening.

First I ripped up all the grass and violets I could. This was easy as we had three inches of rain in the previous eight hours.

Then I spread the whole contents of my compost pile from last year over it (just under a cubic yard)

Followed by a layer of news print - three or four sheets with overlaping of sheets

Then a heavy layer of mulch

In the shaded area I scalped it with the lawn mower then covered the ground with corrugated cardboard and three or four inches of mulch.

This year in the new big veg bed I will plant winter squash (butternut) in the yet empty raised bed and let the vines run over the whole area. There are three other raised beds in there one with potatoes (russian banana) and the other two have hardneck garlic. When the garlic is done I will rotate broccoli and brussles sprouts in.
The newsprint and cardboard are sheet mulches. They will help smother the weeds and grasss under the loose mulch. But unlike the terrible weed block fabrics they will compost down and you can plant through them. Four or five sheets are worth about another inch of mulch.

Well that and there's nothing else good to do with the TC Record Eagle.
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Very nice. We must be on the same wave length. I watched back to edan and did the same with my garden this spring. I hate to weed. It has been great so far.

Here a pic of my broccoli in the mulched garden.
I cannot grow fescues and shady lawn mixtures in my hot climate. But I did do some research and found that
In a new lawn seeded with a grass mixture, some of the grasses in the mixture give you a fast green for a couple of years, then the grass becomes dominated by fescue which has a few problems.

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