Yellow Perennials

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Hi. I am posting a question for my dad who lives in Iowa. I don't know what the acidity level of the soil is there, but that's the part of the US. He is wondering why any kind of yellow perennial is the hardest to keep alive? They keep dieing. It does not matter what kind of perennial it is. If the perennial is yellow, they keep dieing. He has several other perennials and roses and does fine with them all, but anything that is yellow - even roses are harder to grow and keep living. He does have experience as several of his other roses and perennials do really well. He's good at planting. But, it's just something about yellow perennials and he is wondering why or what he can do. He dug up one, and replanted a new flower and it died too. It's not the same location in the yard either. It's just something with yellow perennials. Does anyone know why? Thank you for any help you can give please. My dad is elderly and loves taking care of his flowers and I am trying to help him however I can. This is my first time finding this forum. :)


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Hi Julie!
Welcome to our forum!
Good question!
Yellow flowering perennials and annuals tend to be easy to grow, so your question is a puzzling one!
It maybe the soil composition.
What type of soil is it (clay, or sandy loam) and does it have lots of organic matter worked in?
What trype of organic matter does he work into the soil on a yearly basis.
Does he use mulch? If so what kind of mulch!
Does he compost?
Does he use organic fertilizer (well aged manure, cow, sheep, or horse)?
Does he use water soluable type fertilizer(inorganic)? If so which type?
*To check on acidity of the soil there is an inexpensive kit available! It is easy to use. It is an easy fix to adjust the soil using crushes limestone to raise the PH levels if too acidic*.
Does he use any herbicides or insectides?
Check to see if there is a local horticultural office in your area. There are usually Master Gardeners on hand to answer questions.
*Are other gardeners in his area experiencing the same issue?*

Your question is a complex one and cannot be easily answered!
Hope this helps!


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Can you compile a list of the perennials he has tried growing and lost?
It would be interesting to see if there is any relationship!
Hi. Thank you. I will ask him. Is there a certain kind of soil tester that's best to use to check the acidity of the soil? Does he need to do the test right after watering or what's the best directions for how and when to check the acidity level? Ill tell him.


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The soil ph kit comes with easy to follow instructions and directions.
Any garden centre should have them such as Home Depot. Price is around $10.00
Thank you. I have sent dad your other information. I am sending him the information on the do it yourself soil test kit today. When I hear back responses to your questions, I will post and see if it leads us to any answers. I guess it is both yellow and white flowers he has had trouble with my mom said. I am wondering if it is something related to the acidity level of the soil or something in that regard. As soon as I hear back from him, I will let you know. Thanks again. :) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to