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  1. Alan in Vermont

    Fuel prices.What are yours?

    $3.40ish here on the west coast of New England.
  2. Alan in Vermont

    Working the soil with "Heavy Equipment"

    Bringing this thread back to life Today I finished plowing the smaller of my two plots. This is the one I mentioned earlier, the one with the good black soil. The good WET black soil after record rains. It's not wet enough to be muddy, just sticky. Plowed it with my JD 332 (16 hp diesel)...
  3. Alan in Vermont

    Show me your pumpkins! :D

    Pumpkins are space hogs. The vines can grow 20' or more from where the roots are. They send down roots all along the vines so the whole plant becomes part of the nutrient gathering system. I planted five seeds on the corners of a 25' square with one in the middle. Lost one to and had three...
  4. Alan in Vermont

    Show me your pumpkins! :D

    We used a pickup with a power tailgate to haul it home and set it on the straw bales. The big one is from seeds from Veseys Seeds in PEI, billed only as "Show Entries", seeds from pumpkins entered in the local fairs. The other four are from two pumpkins we grew last year that were 325 and...
  5. Alan in Vermont

    Show me your pumpkins! :D

    Here's the centerpiece of our display last night. I figure 425-450 lbs, I'm going to weight it as I cut it up to haul it off. Already took out 57 lbs of guts and the cutout for the monitor. Had four other, smaller ones, carved as well as 6-8 regular sized ones. Used out whole inventory...
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    How old is Grandma

    Kya, I've been lurking in the shadows but not posting much.
  7. Alan in Vermont

    How old is Grandma

    The one I caught , besides television, was penicillin. The wonder drug was discovered in 1928 and was mass produced by June, 1944.
  8. Alan in Vermont

    What's happening to my Tomato plants?

    Knock 'em on the ground, they usually roll into a tight little circle. Insert firecracker into center of circle. Light fuse, step back and wait for BANG. No more issues with THAT worm.
  9. Alan in Vermont

    What's the weather in your area?

    Rain, rain and more rain! Wettest April on record and two days ago we set a new record for May, one which has been getting broken both days since. Today is supposed to be the last wet day this month but it will take a week of dry weather and wind to dry the soil. I have water standing on...
  10. Alan in Vermont

    What's the weather in your area?

    So far this is the wettest April on record. The past winter was the third snowiest (is that a word?) on record as well. There is one spot on US Rte 7 in our village where I have seen water to the centerline of the road maybe twice in the 30+ years we have lived here. Yesterday they closed...
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    The Royal Wedding

    Oh sure, I'm gonna roll out early so I can watch the media event of this decade. This whole frenzy says quite lot, none of it good, about where our priorities lie.
  12. Alan in Vermont

    Anyone file their seeds?

    Quite a few of the giant pumpkin growers advocate filing the seeds. I'm going to try it on the couple packs of proven big pumpkin seed I've got coming. At over $1 a seed I want to give the little buggers every chance. That's not much money for giant pumpkin seed, some of which sells for...
  13. Alan in Vermont

    What's the weather in your area?

    Nasty cold on the west coast of New England! Low-mid teens almost every night for the past two weeks. Most days have had strong NW or NNW winds so even when the sun is shining there is little thawing going on. A little surface thawing by afternoon but it freezes like a rock by sundown. This...
  14. Alan in Vermont

    animals I saw at work

    That's nothing compared to some of the animals I used to work with. :)
  15. Alan in Vermont

    What's the weather in your area?

    I've got a couple John Deere snow shovels. One of them was giving me problems today. I'm fighting some sort of ignition gremlin. It ran fine at Oh-dark-thirty when I was opening the driveway at the barn, then started bothering about 1:00 PM when I went back to clear it again. The other one... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to