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Hi Laurie! Thanks for cleaning out the moderator file of possible spammers. I was keep them there to keep track of them if the use other IP addresses...then I ban then! Oh well!
We are getting all the horror stories about all the fires burning across Australia....we are all praying and hoping you are safe! Please drop us a line or 2 when you get a chance!
Hi John, you havent been around in ages, and I was hoping all is well with you in sunny australia. dont come on the forums much myself anymore, but hoping all is good with you. Mainegirl might be contacting you as well!
Hoping I'm doing this right. My name is not below my picture ????????
It's fine, things look a bit different in the new software. It still shows as you, no worries.
Even if you did do something wrong, it would be OK. We realize everyone is learning how to us the new software. If something breaks, we'll fix it, no big deal.

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