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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dale :) Hope ya have a FUN day g-friend.
    Today is my DH's B-day too!
    Happy Birthday my friend. Sure hope it's a nice day for you so you can enjoy it..Come back and see us soooon.
    Tell Dewey Hi
    Thanks Dale, This is such fun! I hurt my back a couple weeks ago and as a result I am at the computer a little more than I would be normally. I used National Home Gardening site before and I find that they changed platform and it serves to only confuse me.

    SO, here I am----this is so easy.
    Hi dale
    hi dale, how are you?

    Oh god, i am so happy i registered, i see so many people i know and i am grateful for.
    I am going to go to work now, but tonight i am going to navegate around here to start learning about this group that i was told by treva is great.
    Hi Dale, so glad to hear from you. I hope everything is good in your world! What's up with this site? Any advice on navigating around? Take care, Becki
    can you help me now?? I want to put a pic where the question mark is.. How do I go about this??? Thanks in advance, Karen.
    Morning Dale
    Have you heard from Annette/Maw lately? I have not..and miss her.
    Hey there Dale. It's me Melissa. I went ahead and registered on here. My name on here is Flower Freak....Talk to you later.
    Treva thank you for those wonderful words of encouragement. It will cramp my going but I will manage with God's grace. Not punching a time clock for 6+ years has got me spoiled.
    Sorry it has taken so long to reply! It seems I dont have much time online when the bys are here, They will be here until Monday!
    I do enjoy them and I want to spend as much time as I can with them while I can, you never know what tomorrw could bring?
    There parents work so much, and I do have regrets that I worked so much when they were young!
    Ok enough about me!
    FANTASTIC on the new business!!!!! I will definantly keep you lifted up and pray that Gods will is done in your new venture! That Blessing upon Blessing come to you and every customer you have! That Gods face shine upon you!
    You are so very dear to me and I know that God is going to Bless you but not only you but all that you have contact with!
    I Love You My Friend!
    I missed you last night ....I still have the boys. Elijah is back until Wed. and Savion is here till next Monday. Hopefully we can get together today sometime?
    God Bless You My Friend
    Dale, thanks for your message on my profile, I miss our chats too. We'll have to do something about that very soon.
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