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  • Gloria someone is posting a bunch of crap about Rx's I flagged several but they just keep posting
    Thanks. I'm glad I found this place too. Everyone is so nice. I love that. I haven't done much in my yard in several years now, so this is my year to sow some of God's beauty back into my life, and I'm truly enjoying reading what everybody is doing and checking out the pictures. Great site!
    Underneith my avator picture, you will see "send message" click on it and you can pm me
    Gloria tried to call you back and line busy. I mailed it out today but missed the afternoon pick up but looked like things were still in the box. So maybe you will get your surprise Monday if not Tuesday. Love Ya, Dale
    For all of you that may visit my page..I am 53 years old, grew up on a farm in the middle of no where in SC. and still there! I have 2 grown daughters and 4 grandchildren. My home is filled with barks and yaps from my 3 miniature pinschers and my hubby Randy. I grow vegetables and flowers on my 3 acres that I have from the old farm. My brother owns the remaining 195 acres but I have access to roam around all I want. I enjoy canning and preserving, sewing, needle point, reading and the internet. Recently my hubby has become disabled so I had to go back to work. I work in a sewing mill and although I'm not fond of the position.. it's a job. Hopefully things will get better before Spring planting 2009 and I'll be able to get my garden in and tended as usual. In the mean time, when I can, I'll be right here with all these wonderful gardeners on GF sticking in my two cents worth. Happy gardening!
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