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  • One never has too many cookbooks. Thanks for this information in advance.
    dear randy i don't know how i ended up on your fingers sometimes get ahead of my brain..but since i'm here maybe i should tell you again how much i am enjoying GF. i imagine you work very hard with this site and it shows...what a great place to visit!!!happy gardening to you!
    Thanks so much for all of the wisdom that you offer to GF. I hope that you listen to all of the youngsters on here too, I am sure that you do, you have youngsters in your house. We all have many trials and turmoils in life, the best that we can support each other, the easier we get thru them. I feel so good because I have a good support system with my hubby and kids. I think my mom feels sad because she is trying to control us all, but we are all grown up and it is time to let go and let the next generation develop. The grandbabies of hers have to be themselves. I am not shy about voicing my opinion anymore, not disrespectfull, just voicing me.
    Hi Randy, I have so enjoyed reading everythig you have written about on this forum. I love livings here in the central valley!! My husband and I spent some time together today. We had to go to the grocery store and we went to Lowes. Bought some flowers, some seeds, and pots. Can't wait until tomorrow!!!! Thank you for your friendship. Kim
    Hi Randy - what a wonderful suprise to see your name pop up....Santa is good to us to bring you to our forum! Hope things are good with you and Marcia...and the rest of the family. I am delighted you have joined in here - it is like home here - and can't wait for you to share your wonderful family stories - and recipes :)
    My best to you and your family - Jules
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