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  • dear swindy, thank you for wanting to be my friend!!!! you are so knowledgeable about plants!! might take me a while but gardening is my passion so maybe i too will be knowledgeable some day...i treasure your friendship!
    HOWDY I have only been in one other group and that was gardenhere and I went by Becki25msmolly but it is very nice to meet you and I can't wait to check out the site! Take care Becki
    Gee Swindy, I only joined 2 days after you. I figured you would find me sooner or later. It is good to be with old friends again though, isn't it?
    Tell me about yourself. What is going on? I moved to a new home! My hubby built it and its awesome! It was a spec house and it never sold in the 5 months we had it listed. We listed our home the one we lived in for 30 years & it sold in an hour for cash. Okay so what do you do? MOVE! Happy New Year to you!
    Swindy thank you for your offer to help. Don't think I know you from other groups. I do know a lot of the members here. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
    Thank you Swindy. Alot of folks here at the new site know me as disgett. Appreciate the welcome.
    Yup! I'm here too!
    Great to be with the old gang again!
    A lot of muddy water went under the bridge since!
    Glad we all survived the rotten deal with GG!
    Like they say, ' if it doesn't kill you. it makes you stronger'!
    Bob did a good deed when he created this new site for all of us!
    Swindy,I though I befriended you already.How does this work Im a little lost.
    Sprout of a Kale*LOL
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