A real nuisance around my house

Discussion in 'Helpful Hints' started by Andrea123, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Andrea123

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    Hi there, I am here to get some suggestions. I have moved to a rental house. Two days back, I saw a gray squirrel in the attic and I didn’t take it much seriously. But they became a disturbance for me and I am searching for a solution. Since it is a rental house I cannot do much renovation without the owner's permission. While talking with one of my neighbors, they told me about a squirrel removal service in Markham. Since I am new here, I don’t know much about these services. Are they reliable and effective? Please chime in some useful suggestions and tips to get rid of these squirrels. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Andrea!
    Welcome to our forum!
    Your best bet is to contact your landlord and have him look after the squirrel issue for you!
    Squirrels can be a health and safety issue.
    Since they are getting ito the attic there must be be some rotten boards that need replacing....getting rid or the squirrels needs to be done before any repairs can be done!

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