Aphids on my Chrysanthemums

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I got little dark brown Aphids on My Standard Mums i Propagated from cuttings last fall. I sprayed them with Seven-all purpose spray. Been spraying off and on for a week now and they are still attacking the new growth!! Why is the Seven not Working? Today i even sprayed the under the leaves. I moved them out to my Garage where it the Temp is 48. Maybe the colder air will kill them. Oh it is Raining out as i Type, moving them out to the Rain , hopefully some will wash off. Any tips on how to get rid of Aphids on chrysanthemums??


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Aphids are easy to get rid of with a drop of dish soap and a few drops of cooking oil in a spray bottle filled with warm water. Just shake the bottle to emusify the oil and spray.
You can also use a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and applied to the infected area where the aphids are. The alcohol will dehydrate the aphids as it evaporates.

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