Are these sprouts roses?

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I have a flower bed where I have 4 rose bushes, and what Ron recently helped identify as Nandina. I recently started seeing two sprouts, one larger, the other just a couple of inches tall, less than a foot from one of my roses. The rose is not doing well (it gets less sun than any other), and I won't let another bush grow up so close. It just looks too pretty to be a weed (we live in a desert), but I'm not sure if I want to propagate this somewhere else or not. The pic in the middle (xxx203.jpg) is the smaller one; the other two are pics of the larger sprout.

Is this just a sprout from the roots of this rose? Or is this Nandina, or something else?



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Hi Paul!
They are locusts far away are these from your Idaho locust tree? They are either from the seeds, or from underground runners from your bet is that they are from seeds! You can move them, but I'd wait until late winter/early spring to do so!
They are about 15-20 feet away from the tree itself. Wow that is interesting.

OK I can wait until next Feb-April to move them, but how big would they get until then? I intentionally didn't replace one of the five rose bushes in that flower bed that had died, because I read that roses should have more room (in between them) to grow. So I'd rather not have something else taking up water, instead of the rose that they are right next to.


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They shouldn't grow very much since they sprouted this year....they will spend most of their energy developing a root system...Growth wise they could grow a foot, or so!

Here's my best suggestion: Do you have a 1-2 gallon size pot? If so you can move the seedling and plant it in the pot and look after it until you have a spot ready for can grow it in the pot for the summer and plant it in the Fall. Use a good potting mixture.....By Fall the seedling should have a good root system....don't forget to fertilize it and do not let the soil in the pot dry out.
This is a win win situation for you! :)
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