Bamboo Orchids

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I have a few new plants and I even picked up some Bamboo Orchids and ground orchid, I want to grow them in pots but not sure what they need for food, I hope the don't grow to big too fast that I can't keep them in a pot that can be mover into the house come winter, now to find some one to blame for me buying more plants :rolleyes:
Hello, GardenBear1. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
It’s been awhile since your original post and no one has answered. You have
probably gotten some information already, but if not, here goes.
There are two ways to go about fertilizing an orchid. The first is an
all-purpose like 18-18-18. You can use it all year round. The second is
grow and bloom food. Feed it the grow food during the non-blooming time
and bloom during the bloom period. All these should be a water-soluble fertilizer.
Use them as directed. Good luck with your orchids and here is a link to help.
I have many types of orchid flowers are pink, purple or white narcissus bamboo orchid way to cast a pleasant fragrance. This offsets the fact that the flowers are short lived when cut and therefore not normally used in the agreements. The leaves, however, have greater longevity and a large crown of leaves that fill a lot.
Are they the same as terrestrial orchids?

I think I have something similar growing on my balcony & inside an aquarium tank filter

They actually root in the dirt, but I don't know if they have an epiphytic growth form, the ones in water seem to be thriving also.

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