Bugs eating grape leaves

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I have a few grapes that I planted last fall. Over the summer the leaves got kind of beat up (this is in the greater Phoenix AZ area) and I really didn't think much of it... figuring it was the heat.

I was just out looking at the plants and a lot of the leaves actually seem to have these tiny green caterpillars less than a quarter inch in size eating the underside of the leaves.

Does anyone have an idea as to what they might be and how to get rid of them? Thanks!



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Could be Grape Sawfly, there are several species of them.
There's usually 2 generations of them per year!
If there are not too many of them you could just rub them off with you fingers!
Try to squish them as you rub them off!
A safe pesticide to use is Insecticidal Soap for larger infestations.
They also love hibiscus!

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We sure did have a bad time with our grapevines this year.
We are going to give them a bit of iron and see if that helps em.

I was a little hesitant about the Insecticidal Soap. I like the non-toxic part... but have had problems with it burning vegetables in the past. Started off with some small test spots and haven't had any problems.


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If you follow the directions on use you shouldn't have any problems.
Spraying is best done in the evening or very early morning.... as long as the foliage has time to dry before the sun gets hot.
For these you have to need pest control services. Because some times its very harmful for health so as per my suggestion you need pest management to getting rid out of these issue.

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