Clones for trade!!

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Ok so I have a few things I would like to trade

First one is a bleeding heart tree flowers pink I'm keeping it small and indoors right now

Second plant is a clone from a dragon tree
Not much to say about it other than it has been rooted and in a pot for a few months now.

Third plant is a schefflera clone
All schefflera plant that I have were all cloned from the same plant My schefflera mother plant you could say.
I want to trade a few of these all have been cloned from very short branches because I wanted to use them for bonsai they all have nice roots and are kept indoors under fluorescent lights.

Another schefflera

And I'm not sure what this little one is but I trained and prune this thing every spring and then the ppl that cut the grass hit it every year with a weed wacker this year I dug it up at the first sign of growth and it's coming along a thick trunk but very cut back and low to the ground

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