Coops Succuent Garden

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Hey guys! Here are pics of the succulent garden I have been working on for about 2 years now. This was my first gardening and landscaping project :D

After about a year and a half.

Changed a lot around the front of the house, just showing it all off :D

So that was my first project, and now I'm hooked! Ill be adding more pics as time goes by to show the growth and more!

Thanks for viewing


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Welcome Coop! Glad you found us.
Nice gardens. I have giant Aloe that would do well there. Are you in zone 9 or 10?
Look forward to seeing more.

Have a great garden day!


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Thanks guys!! Crabber I'd love some aloe. Won't it burn in the direct sun?

Oh also I'm in zone 9 :)
They love full sun. Sometimes if they don't have enough water they trun a little pinkish but they do "very well" almost invasive in warm zones. They also put on an umbrella of pink flowers that the hummingbirds love. PM me an we can work out the details. ;) ( address and such)
This is great to have this remarkable display in dedicating it for 2 years. Splendid work you got there. I should say you are a great artist gardencoop. Great job working on your garden.
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That's what I was thinking. Less is more right?! ;)

Maybe a small bird bath or a pagoda statue. Who knows. I just love having a lil water feature. It even has LEDs in there! So peaceful :)
WOW you have good Succulent Garden.. its looks like new plants in the the garden because they are small. Anyhow it looks good and I like the idea. Thanks for sharing the photos. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to