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Discussion in 'Welcome to the Forum' started by Andrea123, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Andrea123

    Andrea123 New Member

    I am Andrea from Canada and new to this forum. I am happy that I found this forum and loves gardening but since I live in a rental apartment it is difficult for me to arrange a garden but I have some hanging plants inside my house.
  2. RonsGarden

    RonsGarden Super Moderator Staff Member

    You could ask your landloard if you can create a garden.
    If he is reasonable, and you are staying long term, he maybe open to it.
    Just need to give him details on what you will be planting, and the size of the garden you would like to put in.
  3. joyce

    joyce New Member

    Hi Andrea, I am Joyce from Ontario. Hope you are enjoying in the forum. Have a great time.

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