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    Hi Everyone:

    I haven't seen anyone post here recently, so I thought I'd pop on and add some pics of what's growing in the greenhouse today. I would love to see what you all are growing too. I love this time of year and our last frost date is mid March, so not too far to go. Had a bit of a problem with some aphids and rather than infest the greenhouse I got rid of my moon flowers and morning glories (I am planting more today). I now go around and look at everything every few days and zap the plants in the sink with a strong stream of water with a spray bottle or the hose and it's seems to be working. It seems like they just love kale, unfortunately for them, so do I so they have a fight on their hands, of which I hope to win :>)
    greenhouse6.jpg greenhouse2.png greenhouse3.png greenhouse4.png
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    A few more :>) was nice and warm in there yesterday, happy plants.
    greenhouse7.jpg greenhouse8.jpg greenhouse9.jpg greenhouse10.jpg
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    Very nice set up Phyllis!
    Always wished I had a greenhouse.
    Aphids can become a problem in such a closed environment. There are some safe treatments you can use to to control them....You could try rubbing alcohol for spot treatments! This will also kill white flies!
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    For how long do you have that greenhouse? My timber greenhouse is after 15 years, unfortunately, beyond repair, and I'm thinking about a replacement.
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