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I recently needed to cut down tree in backyard and want to replace with another tree. I am located in NJ and wondering what are the fastest growing trees for my area are.


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Hi Elsma!
How large it the area you want to plant?
Would you like an evergreen, or deciduous, plain or flowering?
There are a lot of species you can chose from depending on the area.


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As Ron mentions, there are a lot of options. Said kindly, I would suggest that you not make "what grows the fastest" the top priority.
Here in Washington state, we have cottonwoods. They're essentially gigantic weeds. They do grow fast. They're also not overly strong, and frequently blow down in storms. They also emit huge amounts of seed (the "cotton") so much so that we get little "snow drifts" when they're in bloom. The paper companies do grow them to create wood as quickly as possible. However, I would rarely if ever recommend them to somebody for planting in your yard. So be sure and learn a lot more than just "how fast does this get big?"


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Any in the willow and poplar families are not a good choice for windy areas that get freezing rain during the winter month....cottonwoods have a bad habit of sucking, as do some of the willows...
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