What do roses need to be healthy?

Discussion in 'Roses' started by Trax, Jul 28, 2010.

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    Sterilize tools and water, baking soda, and dish soap. Got it! :D Gotta go help mow the yard but I'll look up that toxic stuff I was using on the roses when I get back. It works great but I don't like using so many toxic chemicals. Btw, there's no fruit trees where the roses are.
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    A lot of the fungicides and insecticides have been banned up here in Canada so it is very limited on what you can do to control black spot! But, I think copper sulphate is still available!
    Manual removal of infected leaves maybe tedious, but it is effective over the long term!
    Remember to wash your hands too, because the spores will be on your fingers and you will help spread them around!
    Fallen leaves on the ground can harbour the spores so cleaning up the leaves after the leaves fall will help too as does removing any old mulch.
    Covering the ground with fresh mulch in the spring helps to prevent rain from splashing spore contaminated soil back up onto the new leaves which starts the whole cycle again.

    Did a bit more research and came up with POTASSIUM BICARBONATE Do a search on possible sources!
    It is said to be more effective then bicarbinate of soda and it is more beneficial to rose bush health!
    A new product called Serenade is now available that is registered as organic!
    Both are good to also control powdery mildew!
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    Thanks for that info! :D I found the Serenade fungicide and I have it bookmarked. I can get a whole quart for only $10 online. Yeah, I read that mulching helps cause the rain or watering splatters the leaves with fungus from the ground so I'll def be using mulch.
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    Have you tested the PH of the soil? I'm guessing (really guessing) you want it to be somewhere around 6.0 to 7.0.
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    Thanks. I'll check that when I get home this afternoon.
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    Visit the web and read up on EPSOM SALT..it is like 1 teaspoon per plant or so much per gallon ( I forget ) and I use the warm water jug mix ( also is listed on the back pkg of Epsom Salt ) and you will notice all your plants LOVE this and will grow quite well. I always put 1 teaspoon in each tomatoes hole/ then lightly water then place the tomato plant in the ground..never get blossom end rot/ then in about 3 weeks I give it more Epsom Salt warm water jug nutrition ( warm water is absorbed by the roots quicker ) that's why I use it. Hope this hepls you out..I will try to post pictures I just took of my plants in the yard from a 3 year process of using Epsom Salts warm water solution. This is my first post..so gotta learn all this new stuff. Karen Koop
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    I know a good article about how to plant and take care of roses: https://www.hirerush.com/blog/how-to-plant-a-rose-bush/
    Transplanting roses is not as difficult as many beginning gardeners imagine. But you definitely have to follow the procedure, taking into consideration local rose growing conditions.
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    Thanks for the informative post. I love roses. Looking forward for more replies.
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