White flies!!!! Grrrr

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I'm using the Tapatalk forum app on my iPhone so forgive me if this question has been asked before - I'm sure it has. I have a serious whitefly issue and I can't seem to shut them down. I've tried a vinegar, water, and baking soda solution and it doesn't seem to make any difference. Any other organic solutions? Thanks!


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Now see, I bet you wish those spiders were still there :D just kidding a bit. Spiders are an excellent white fly eradication system, but for those who prefer not to have them so close, you can use a number of things.
the easiest would be to use insecticidal soap or any number of organic sprays such as Neem, Organicide or even just a mix of 2 tbs dish soap with a gallon of water.
You can all so make sticky traps with honey and strips of paper, the flies want the honey but get stuck in it. Just smear a little on the paper and hang around the plants.

Do not expect to get rid of them and have them stay gone. Florida is a veritable mix of constant pest and with our long warm periods they continue to come in waves. Be vigilant in watching for the first signs of pest to have the most success in keeping them at bay. ;)
be very careful using vinegar as it is caustic to most plants and can cause damage and even death of your plants;)


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Good answer Nancie!
Whiteflies are the nemasis of most gardeners as well as greenhouse growers!
Traps are great for smaller infestations (use yellow paper to smear the honey on)
They love yellow!
If I remember correctly whiteflies are all hemaphodites so are more then likely born pregnant! Adults are constantly laying eggs and there can be several generations in a few short weeks.
Ladybugs love them so they are one of the natural preditors, and there are a few more that help control the flies! Small species of spiders are another, larger species ...not so much.
Neem is a good pesticide and can cut the population quickly before too much damage is done...especially on citrus species! Only problem with Neem, and others, is that it is not all that specific and will kill some beneficial insects in the process.
White flies are a big enemy of fruit and flower pants we should take some positive steps to keep these white bees away from our plants.For this purpose we can use pest removal sprays of can get the services from experts because it's a serious matter for us.What is your opinion about it share it with us.

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