Wonderfully aromatic conifer/evergreen?

Discussion in 'Trees & Shrubs' started by Hikermann, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Hikermann

    Hikermann New Member

    Seattle area, Pacific Northwest; neighbor cut down an overgrown conifer/evergreen, offered "free firewood" chunks, which are the most wonderfully aromatic wood I've come across; pix attached; believe the tree was the bushy, more upright -- not the droopy one; any idea what kind of firewood I have now to enjoy next season?

    Much appreciated. AlderSt.1.JPG AlderSt.2.JPG
  2. RonsGarden

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    Looks like a cedar from the photos, but a close of the foliage would have made a better identification.
    In any case cedars are high in resin and will burn hot like fir and pine! Be ok for outdoor fires, but not very good for indoor fireplaces.

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