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  • Miss seeing you and chatting with ya around here -- hope all finds ya well and be looking for surprise too see that you stopped- by and shared hello with us all once again as well! ** waves **
    Well,here it is the month of November 2011 and the Holidays getting themselves ready to begin knocking on our doorsteps once again! Hope your doing well and we see ya around here posting once again as well soon! ( I state again,things just aren't right by not seeing you around the place - your missed! ) Have a safe,yet very Happy Holiday Season and hope to chat with ya soon as well!! :-)
    Doesn't seem like a year ago next week that I tossed ya *alittle wave* does it?? Well, it just goes to show that it pays to have alittle fun in life and I look forward to bumping into ya around the board soon again too! ( something just isn't right not seeing you around the place ) :-) Hope your doing well! **waves**
    morning ...on BS I was/am WildIris now....Whne I was first on there I was Vegemm...You always had such good glad you are here with us also now..
    Just taking alittle walk around my keyboard and thought I'd give ya alittle *wave*!
    Hi Laurie I was thrilled to find you here. Haven't seen you on BS for a while but then again there are very few people left there. Just the very small core group. Little to no garden talk there anymore. I learned the hard way it's a big NO NO to mention other forums there. You really get what for if you do. Is it okay to say you've been to or belong to other forums here? I don't want to step out of bounds.
    Thanks for the welcome.
    Welcome Bernie, so glad to see you here. I'm sure you will see some friends here and wlll make lots more.
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