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  • It has been cold here.. today it might have gotten to 50.. I did not go outside today tho.. we have been having frost at night.. so still to cold to do anything much.

    During the day if it does warm up then it is muddy..LOL March is definately a weird month in the midwest for gardeners.
    Glad you like my garden. I have been working on it for some time. Lots of things that need to be done this spring.. so as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer I will be outside more often. Have a great spring@
    Hi Kim!
    I excited that we have so much in common! We can share tips and tricks with each other with making the best of our small spaces. Hehe. I keep bringing more and more plants. I can't help it... the more I learn about new plants, the more I have to grow and enjoy its beauty.My boyfriend says we live in a jungle. lol. What kind of plants do you grow? Flowers? Veggies?
    I would be more than happy to help you out. A few questions first.
    What size area do you have to work with and how big of a container? That will determine pump size. Wish we lived close I could actually lend a hand;) PM me and we can get started talking about what you will need.
    Good morning, Kim. I'm glad you are enjoying the forum. It is really a great deal of fun and I have made some great friendships here. Some of them go back at least 10 years.
    Welcome, This is a great place to be. I grow alot of perennials and unusual annuals. I have 2 daughters, oldest has phd in bio-medical engineering and is at UC Irvine, and youngest an illustrator/painter. No grand kids yet.
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