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Discussion in 'Sunflower Cafe' started by bob, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Randy

    Randy Super Moderator Staff Member

    I keep a utility knife in my pocket but I don't think Curbie should have one of those.
  2. RonsGarden

    RonsGarden Super Moderator Staff Member

    So true Randy!;)
  3. curbhopper

    curbhopper Active Member

    The issue (like this is a biggie ~ LOL!) is that THEN the whole package goes stale. I don't want to open up with scissors b/c of that. Don't make me cry again :)
    Is anyone going away ~ like to the SuperBowl or the Carribean or Costa Rico or Olney? Washington , DC, Portland Oregon, Ontario......Florida...Maine....

    I have another thing to say ~ I think Mitt Romeny's real name is Mittens. Wouldn't that be cute to name your kid,"Mittens' ? "The 3 little kittens have lost their mittens. Far far away. " Now I have the hicpups... Curbie
  4. Randy

    Randy Super Moderator Staff Member

    I have heard him referred to as that by two different personalities, but they were using the name with a bit of sarcasm, so I wouldn't count on that being his name.
  5. Crabbergirl

    Crabbergirl Super Moderator Staff Member

    No sharp utinsils for Curbie.

    I am going away! but not until Sept. at least that is palnned. I will be taking a couple days off and going to my daughters when both kids have their tonsils out.

    Ewww Wreck in front of my office! fender bender actually but still the most excitement I'll have all day. Ok it's over they are driving off. LOL!
  6. curbhopper

    curbhopper Active Member

    No sharp utensils ~ got it. :) Curbz
  7. Crabbergirl

    Crabbergirl Super Moderator Staff Member

    I am really happy. I have been giving Tim things to do since he is home. Day before yesterday I bought 5 gal of bleach and 5 gal of deck stain and told him that I wanted to get it done before "real" spring. He started it yesterday and WOW it looks great. Now to get it finished and get the house painted. I will take some pictures over the weekend and post some pictures. It hasn't been done in about 6 years so it really needed it.
  8. Wombat

    Wombat Active Member

    Keriberries have a yummy taste like a cross between raspberries and blackberries. I found a pic of them ripening on the vine. When they're ready to eat they turn dark purple:)

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  9. lynpenny

    lynpenny Super Moderator Staff Member

    after I almost hacked off my thumb with a machete I can only use shape utensils when no one else is around.
  10. curbhopper

    curbhopper Active Member

    I'd like keriberries. I wonder who they were named after? What were you doing with a machete, Lyn? Well, that's one took we don't have! Praise the Lord! MTM would kill himself with it! Curbster
  11. razibpaul126

    razibpaul126 New Member

    I read this full article. Beautiful.

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