Can pumpkins grow in containers?

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I'm looking to add more plants to my new container garden, and I was wondering if Early Sweet Sugar Pie Pumpkins (by Burpee) can grow inside of a 10 or 15 gallon container. Is that enough room for the roots to grow? I've never grown pumpkins before, and I'm not really looking to grow any big ones.


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Hi Etow!
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Nice to see someone experimenting!
This is what you need to know about pumpkins, as well as any squash, they send roots down at each leaf node along the stems. as they grow.
That means you will need to give the plants a lot of room to grow and root!
Since the seed you selected is a early variety the vines will grow/spread a good 8ft.
You might have a problem with using the 10-15 gallon containers.
Pumpkins are greedy feeders, and love a constant level of moisture. You will need to water them frequently!
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