Defensive garden plants

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I have a few of the ones on the list, and they can also be used as a 'good neighbor' hedge!
Some of the shrub roses can be used. One particular species is the rugosa which have more then the usual thorns covering the entire stems! I have to use thick leather gloves whenever I'm doing any pruning!
The Sea Buckthorn is another nasty candidate with very sharp spines. I'm growing them for fruit production! The fruit is great for jams and juice!
The only problem with thormy shrubs is that they usually require full sun!


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I had the same idea.
Planting a rose bush "fence" around my front yard to keep the kids waiting for the bus from messing with my young trees.
Dosen't sound like a bad idea though.
I have a privet hedge that bloodies me up each time I trim it. While it does not have true thorns it has died-back twigs that come off the branches which do the same job. The privet location does nothing to deter people.

I also have some raspberry brambles along my garage. Again the location was not thinking about defensive use.

For you tropics guys look at young citrus. Wow. I had a potted lime tree which had 3" long dagger thorns.


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When Tim and I first got married we lived in an area that was mostly thugs. We had Spanish bayonets under or windows. ;) Natural protection is wonderful
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