Going to try making soaker hoses, Need help

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I need some thoughts from you guys.
I have some old hoses and thought I would try to make soaker hoses out of them instead of thowing them away.
Do you think a small drill bit will work? Will it go though the rubber?
How often should I make a hole and should it go though both sides of the hose?
I've never looked at a soaker hose and don't have any so not sure how many holes they have.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone


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Best to experiment!
I'd drill holes on one side only.
Do 2 rows of holes an inch apart, and each hole an inch apart.
You will need to stretch out the hose in order to get the 2 rows straight!


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Soakers are made of a material with holes punched in them, I believe. The water streams I see coming from them are quite small. Other types drip but don't have solid streams. I would sharpen an ice pick and push it through only one side only far enough to penetrate the inner wall and try that. Pushing all the way through both walls would make the hole pretty large where the ice pick is larger. I have also seen hose washers in soakers with small holes in them, about 1/8" diameter. That reduces the applied pressure to the holes in the soakers reducing the water flow.
I just used a nail..if it went all the way thru then fine..if not I just poked more holes put a cap onthe end of the hose and voila a soaker hose...

you just need to decide how much you want to soak..
I poked holes every inch on 3 "sides" and it works good for me...........
I made one for my rose's layed the hose out where i want it. Capped off the end.Went back to each rose and made a tiny hole by each rose.If it was'nt dripping enough i made another hole init.Worked great .:)


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The soakers I have just ooze water not spray. I have seen the spray kind and I think if you get the smallest bit you can find it would work. If the hole is too big you won't get water tot he end of the hose. Don't forget to cap the end they have the caps at Homedepot or Lowes.
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