Hello from North Carolina

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New Member
I used to belong to GG. And I do miss it.
But since I'm working now I don't get to get online like I used to. I'm hoping I can check in once in a while though.
I've made a lot of good friends from GG and stay in contact with a lot of them still.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Glad to see you again. I had the same problem but now I have a job where I can again check in even if it's just at lunch. Welcome ! I am glad to be here too.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Welcome Judia
So glad to see you here, sure have missed chatting with you and your beautiful pictures that you take.
Hope the kitties are doing well.


Hi Judia.........nice to see you again............its Maribeth here, and it's sure nice to see alot of familiar names..........:)


Welcome Judia,Great to see you!!
Hi everyone/ anyone I missed:)

I'm getting around, mostly just posting will go back and read! And then Read some more!



Well-Known Member
well Judia, I never thought I would see your name again......after leaving gg.....so great to see you here..........I still have all those pics you made for us......wonder if we can use them here....havent used them in yrs.....


Super Moderator
Staff member
I still have all of mine too Bobbi..
I saved them on my external hard dirve too so I wouldn't lose them
Need to put them on the cd too

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