tips on growing orchids at home

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I bought phalaenopsis plants from Orchid Republic when I was in Los Angeles last week. Any tips on how to take care of these orchids? Planning to put them near the windows.


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I grow mine in windows that face east....and not too close to the windows!
I water weekly and bit more often when they develop a flowering stems! Rotate the pots every other day so they plant doesn't become one sided....this helps the flowering stems to remain more or less upright.....use bamboo stakes to hold the stems upright just in case....the flowers can be heavy so staking helps.
At this point I fertilize using a water soluable type fertilizer....10-30-15 or similar ratio is good at half strength, every other week!
When watering I take them to the sink and let the water run out the bottom of the pot. This helps flush out built up minerals from the potting mix, let the pot drain then flush again.
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