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Discussion in 'General Garden Questions' started by cts_casemod, Apr 10, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a tomato plant indoors that has now grown the size of the window and I am looking for the best option to keep it.
    This was born from stuff in my wormbox, the tomato box says the variety is "Pitenza", which I couldnt find a lot about. I dont know if it is a determinate variety or not.

    The plant is healthy, with 75cm above the top of the soil and the top leaves dont get much light now. Any advice?
    I am also going to repot in the larger pot seen.

    I have grown lights inside for smaller plants, nothing for a plant this size.




  2. RonsGarden

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    Looks like you are doing something right to have such healthy plants!

    What zone do you live in?
    Country, and closest city, would help to determine when you can start hardening them off to outdoor conditions.
    One clue to whether it is determinate will be if you notice it stops growing upwards.

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