White residue on shrub

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Plant looks like a ligustrum. I didn't see any damage in the picture. Do you have a close up of the actual damage?
But really the only thing I have ever seen that resembles the "white stuff" is bird droppings.
Ron may be better to identify this.


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Variegated Euonymus
Looks like a good case of powdery mildew!
Not enough air circulation and, or the foliage is wet during the nightime, or it is in too much shade!
Perfect conditions of mildew!
Any fungicide will work with a repeat application in 2 weeks.
You can use a teaspoon of baking soda to a litre of water, with a few drops of dish soap to make it adhere better to the foliage. Spray in the early morning so it will dry before the sun gets too strong!
It must be the shade and dew at night....it is in our front yard, plenty of air circulation.

OK I'll look for a fungicide. Thanks again Ron.


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Thanks Ron, when I get powdery mildew it looks way different. Isn't it funny how things can change from area to area. I do have bird dropping on some ligustrums from the shore birds. The above pictures reminded me of that.
Ron it's great job to share these kind of good information with others .
I am really very impressed by your thinking about the topic.
I think we need to carry on with this nice thinking.

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