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Wow Maggie that is 1 beautiful christmas cactus. How long have you had it? I have one that is about 5 or 6 years old and it didn't bloom last year but it now has buds all over it and should start opening up soon.


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WOW that is wonderful, I had to leave all mine...but did find three tiny plants at a plant sale a few weeks ago ...I hope I get atleast one bloom this year


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Thanks and this is the 4th year. My yellow and peach ones are full of buds. They had a few to open and then just fall off. Hopefully the new buds will go ahead and bloom like they're suppose to
Maggie, what a nice looking plant and some really great blooms, all of my older ones bloomed early this year a few of the 1/2 yr old are just now setting buds with any luck I might get a few blooms
I'm drooling with envy, I have two on my front porch and one is about ready to bloom.They seem to be dealing with our Oregon cool nights fine...
Thanks for sharing the pictures
Melanie aka oremudpie


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OMG, that is gorgeous Maggie. Is there any special plant food you use for it? My plant seems to be stunted.....yes, I said's certainly not stunning!!


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i just looked at mine and i have buds on it so it will be blooming soon
my poor cactus gets abused and it still blooms every yr for me
OMG, that is gorgeous Maggie. Is there any special plant food you use for it?
Nothing special, I fertilize a couple of times in the summer after I put them out on the porch. I leave them outside until the temps. get down in the 30's ( but before freezing) before I bring it in for the winter. It had already started to bud when I brought them in this year. That maybe why I lost some of the bud.
I'm with Maggie on the care of them. I put mine in the shade house in the summer and they stay there until the frist frost, with all the rain we had this summer they did very well in fact all but my yellow bloomed early this year.


Maggie it sure is!!!!!!! Wow isnt it beautiful!
Did you no you didn't.
I leave mine out until a really cold chill hits it then I bring it in and buds form.. Oh my! I cant find it I know I brought it in *LOL
Have to go locate my baby!*LOL

Beautiful blooms everyone!

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