Clove Currants or Black Currants?

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My mom has me on a quest to find clove scented shrubs that she remembers from long time ago. The closest I've found is a clove currant or black currant called Crandall. Does anyone know anything about these? Am I on the right track? Her friend's friend in Pa. found a place in New Mexico that sells them, but I'm wondering if that should be a red flag since the zones are so drastically different between here and there. If it is indeed a black currant I might be able to get these locally.
I appreciate any help you might give me.


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Hmmm. A trip to some high end nursery and landscape places may be in your future. A landscape design business would or should know. If you can find the black current locally go check it out. You will know when you rub the leaves if that is the one. I am waiting to hear what you find out.


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ASk your mom if they had yellow flowers. My grammie had one and we called it a cinnamon bush but I think the real name is clove currant and they bloom early in the spring
She couldn't remember what color the flowers were, but she said you could smell them all over the yard so it may be the same thing. She knows someone whose brother works for a landscape company locally so he's going ask him about it. I'll let you know once I find out something.
I'm really curious if there are some growing in my back field because I have some shrubs back there with berries that look like black currants. Once they start blooming I'll have to do the scratch and sniff test.
Thanks for all the help, folks! :)


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If it is the same thing, you can smell it walking around the yard. It smells really nice. I went to the local nursery and they gave me the name of clove currant as grammie always called it a cinnamon bush

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DC I have black currant bushes, but I have never smelled cloves from them.
If you would like some currant starts like mine I would be glad to send you some I know that they do very well here in zone 5 for postage, and they grow into a pretty big bush at least 6 feet tall. They have yellow flowers and marble size black (dark purple) fruit.
PM me if you are interested.
I just sent you a pm Kya and then I saw you're in Utah. That's fine. :) From what I've been reading about black currants they're very good for you so I'm hoping to get them started. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to