Pictures of your past gardens to get us through the winter

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She sent me a couple of DVD's of the area damage and also the damage to their home or what was left of it. If I remember correctly, they were able to use the foundation only. I hope she drops in once in awhile here.
Her is a picture of a simple Rock Garden that was put in on a military base I use to work at, they put them inon diffrent corners of the base in the housing areas. I like it because even though it is pretty basic it shows what you con do with a little corner to get great results and not spend to much money



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Wonderful pics those rock gardens Swindy...I think I was just lucky with my stocks they're funny things, usually all or nothing lol. That year I put extra manure and bllod meal into the bed and it seemed to work well.
Anemones, Hibiscus and Cape Honeysuckle

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