Secret Easter Swap.

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thought it would be fun to exchange 4-5 packages of seeds or bulbs or a mix of both.
please email me if interested,I will also need your mailing address.

sign up till, March 28, you will get your secret person on the 29 or 30th.

your items must be mail first class, can take a week or priority takes 2-3 days (i recommend priority) with a delivery conformation number, which you will post here for others to see and track if they want.

All items will be mailed by April 8th.

1. plantdatura
2. fishinBC
3. RiverRock
4. sfishergirl
5. crabbergirl
6. sunflower3
Sorry this thread has been MIA for a couple of days. As I was attempting to merge the 2 threads started by Karen, I managed take it one step to far and deleted both threads.:eek: We searched for it for a couple of days hoping to be able to restore it, to no avail. Karen I am glad to see you posted this thread again as I am sure more folks will be interested in joining up. Sounds like a fun trade.
richnkim you can figure out what your person would like by seaching their posts in the flower forums and other threads and see what they are growing or if they responded to someone who is growing something and they said they would love to grow that. Just a hint.


#7 are to funny sfishergirl. I am excited also and been thinking what I am going to put together also:) Cant wait to see who my partner will be!
lol I am just so excited to see the snow finally melting and my afghan group has fizzled out so I have had nothing to do except for wait til June to see my crocus start to bloom. So I am quite sure my partners stuff will mail out on the 29 th
up dated list, and plantdatura is Annette99, sorry about that sweetie,
1. Annette99
2. fishinBC
3. RiverRock
4. sfishergirl
5. crabbergirl
6. sunflower3
7. richnkim
everyone has been sent a private message with the name and address of your secret person, pease remember to follow the rules and we will all have fun, thanks everyone for taking part, if you have a question please feal free to send me a email, thanks Karen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to