Tropical Slush Punch

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This one is really good, and it makes alot. You can have it ready in the freezer whenever you need it!!

8 cups water
4 cups sugar (hey Randy, you can use splenda in this)

Mix together in a large pot. Bring to a boil and cook 15 minutes. Cool.
When cool add:

2 quarts pineapple juice
1/2 cup lemon juice
2 quarts orange juice
5 large bananas, mashed
lemon-lime soda

After mixing, put the mixture in containers and freeze. When you are ready to serve, take out of freezer and thaw just enough to be slushy. Add cold lemon lime soda to dilute to desired strength.

This is good when frozen in ice cube trays. Just add a few right out of the freezer into a blender, add a little soda, process. Yummy! Good on a hot summer day!:cool:


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that does sounds good. I can do that for the grands instead of soda. I did a slush thing one summer where you use concentrated orange drink and ice. we sat on the balcony in 100 degree weather and had a blast. killed the blender by the end of the summer but it was fun.


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That does look good. I bet that goes well on those warm summer days. It's funny, but when I was a teenager down there it never really occurred to me that it was hotter than a two-dollar pistol. But as an adult it was quite another matter. I was told when we moved to Oregon that we didn't need air conditioning up here. They lied!
I know what you mean. My dad lives in oregon, Brookings. Don't need it alot but some days are hot!! When it is hot, think of me. We will be scorching.


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Yummy Kim!!, I'm from an hot and humid climate, I'll definitely try it out, thank you muchly. My citrus trees all have fruit on them too so I'll use them up.....


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